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The 3 co-founders at NexGenic began the company with the belief that patient access to their personal health data is more cumbersome and less transparent than it needs to be, especially for generations used to technology. We knew there had to be a better way to leverage technology to enable more patient control over medical information.

We are thrilled to deliver on those goals with today’s release of the patient iPhone app for our flagship product ImageInbox®.

ImageInbox makes it possible for patients to personally control and store essential medical images and diagnostic reports, and securely deliver them on demand to healthcare providers as easily as sending an email. The app simplifies patient access to their medical image record, and closes the gap between patients and the image exams they receive.

In addition to sending and receiving images and diagnostic reports with healthcare providers, a feature enables patients the ability to share a snapshot of their medical image with friends and family on Facebook, such as a sonogram image to announce a pregnancy.

Without ImageInbox, patients have to print and fax medical release forms and then make trips to pick-up and physically deliver necessary medical images on CD or DVD. Using portable media to exchange results is an antiquated model in this digital 21st century, as many new computers don’t even come equipped with CD readers anymore.

As a healthcare data management and communication tool, ImageInbox is a game changer.  The app brings healthcare communication out of the era of pen-and-paper communication and into the modern digital era. Before ImageInbox, there was no easy way for patients to electronically request and store their vital medical imaging records. Now with the same ease as email, patients can engage their healthcare providers with a secure app to electronically send and receive medical imaging results. 

We couldn’t be more excited to get the ImageInbox iPhone app into the hands of patients in need of streamlined access and personal control over their medical image records and invite you to experience the benefits for yourself! Their’s no cost and no long-term contract to sign, so what are you waiting for?

Together we can begin to streamline patient-doctor communication of important medical information by making exam results simpler to access and enabling patients to greater participate in the difficult treatment decisions affecting their health.


Streamlined Medical Image Exchange

Streamlined Medical Image Exchange