The Future Is Now

ImageInbox was featured in an article titled 'A view of the future image exchange,' from the November 2013 journal Applied Radiology.' 

As stated at the beginning of the article - 

With reimbursements plummeting, leaving financial growth at many health care practices flat, investing in more IT infrastructure seems counterintutive. Yet, doing so is virtually unavoidable. Hospitals and radiology practices need to implement image-enabled electronic health records (EHR) and meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2) critieria.

The author’s assessment is truer than ever before, as eligible providers must scramble to meet MU2 requirements for procuring health IT while balancing squeezed radiology budgets that are inhibiting investments.

ImageInbox squarely addresses these dynamics by providing comprehensive communication capabilities for eligible providers to satisfy MU2 criteria, while also being a cost-efficient, no obligation solution.

ImageInbox is offered to healthcare providers as a free desktop app with the ability to electronically send and receive image studies, import outside facility CD-ROMs, view images and diagnostic reports, perform quality control, and recode image identifiers to easily integrate from outside facilities into internal PACS. 

Providers incur costs based on transfer volume. Providers using less than 100 transfers (image exams and diagnostic reports) per month can use the service for free. Those with 100-999 transfers are charged a flat rate of $199/month, and those with more than 1000+ transfers are charged a flat rate of $499/month.

With ImageInbox, the future for secure image exchange between all healthcare stakeholder is now!


Please find the entire article from Applied Radiology regarding medical image exchange here.