ImageInbox Coverage in ResearCHLA

ImageInbox was included in the Summer 2014 ResearCHLA article titled, "Technology Takes on Thalassemia," for its supporting role in the Thalassemia MRI Iron Load Network.

The article describes the current state of Thalassemia treatment and how ImageInbox is providing researchers in Thailand with the ability to exchange large and complex images with researchers here in the U.S, in order to "bring patients, physicians and imaging experts together-virtually-so they can jointly make the right treatment decisions based on all available data."

Brent Polk, MD, director of The Saban Research Institute, is quoted at the end of the article stating "we believe this technology represents the next frontier in medicine, where global experts and leaders in their field provide decision support based on rapid information sharing, not on geographic location of the patient."

The team at NexGenic is proud ImageInbox is supporting this vital work to fight thalassemia in regions of the world where the disease is endemic and wish all those involved continued success.

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