The "P" in PACS is for patient

In a fascinating Q&A last week, spoke with radiologist Rasu Shrestha, MD (Chief Innovation Officer and President, Technology Development Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Penn.).

The topic focused on the evolving state of radiology infrastructure and workflows, including Dr. Shrestha's perspective on a more effective, patient-friendly iteration of PACS. 

When asked what vendors and radiology service providers can do to make radiological data more patient-friendly, Dr. Shrestha responded with the following:

If we are talking about patient-centric care, then the patient has to be everywhere in the design of the applications we use: That’s us engaging the patient, making sure the patient is informed, and that the patient shares in the decision-making around what we do in imaging.

Patients need access to their reports, they need access to their images, and we need to make sure it’s all a lot more portable. 

As more patient-centric approaches gain adoption in radiology departments across the country, we agree that innovative tools must provide for patients to play the critical role in bridging the existing barriers in storing and communicating diagnostic imaging information -- as articulated by Dr. Shrestha, "across the care continuum."

To read the entire Q&A please find the article here.