Children's Hospital Los Angeles Announces ImageInbox Use in Pediatric Patient Care


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), the best children’s hospital on the West Coast and among the top 5 children’s hospitals nationwide for clinical excellence, according to US News and World Reports, announced it’s implementation of ImageInbox®, NexGenic’s flagship software for patient medical record exchange.

The announcement (links below) highlights the patient benefits of controlling medical records, specifically diagnostic images, anytime and anywhere by using our ImageInbox smartphone app. The release focuses on one patient’s story from CHLA, as quoted below in the announcement:

Lee Daly’s daughter, Alexandra, was treated at CHLA for several years, where brain surgeons performed three craniotomies. The family later moved to Oregon where, at age 19, Alexandra exhibited mysterious symptoms that worried her family and new doctors.

Daly said that she found it nearly impossible to obtain her daughter’s early brain scans to share with the neurosurgeons at Oregon Health and Science University Medical Center, so they could compare the large mass they were now seeing on Alexandra’s tonsil with images of the brain-stem bleed she had experienced as a child. Facing exploratory surgery for her daughter, since OHSU were unable to compare their images to earlier ones, Daly reached out to Dr. Nelson and his team for help to quickly obtain Alexandra’s previous CT scans and MRIs from CHLA.

“We were one of the first families to use ImageInbox in an emergency situation, and it was an absolute life saver,” she said. Alexandra’s imaging records from CHLA showed doctors in Oregon that the mass they were seeing on their scans was actually an abscess that had been there for many years, and not a tumor.

“If we hadn’t been able to get these images quickly, my daughter would have faced unnecessary, invasive and potentially dangerous surgery,” Daly says.

She and Alexandra now have the imaging records stored on their personal cloud storage and accessible on their smartphones; the information is at their fingertips should they ever need it.

“I’m all for this and think we should all be the holders of our own medical records,” Lee said, adding that as people move, or even need medical assistance while traveling, “you just never know when an emergency will occur.”

ImageInbox addresses both the needs of patients for portable imaging records, images clearly being so important when consulting with doctors about the right decisions; as well as current US healthcare provider requirements for exchanging essential information between providers and importing image CDs rapidly to PACS.

Like CHLA, more and more providers are addressing modern patient needs and not relying on CD, but rather providing a free, digital, full diagnostic quality record to their patients.

Those that aren’t, please contact NexGenic to discuss how we can become your trusted partner in securely connecting your patients and referring providers to necessary diagnostic imaging records with our robust ImageInbox® software.

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