AHRA 2015 and Eliminating CDs in Radiology Workflows

The recent AHRA annual meeting in Las Vegas was a great opportunity to speak with many thoughtful leaders in Radiology departments around the country.

The feedback from so many about their routine headaches with broken image-CDs confirmed that many in Radiology are fast realizing radiographic data exchange must eliminate CDs from the transfer equation in order to create safe, quick and reliable patient transitions.

Interestingly, its not just radiology departments that are realizing the importance of improving patient image exchange workflows. A recent report about image sharing by peer 60, and discussed in Radiology Business, identified orthopedics, trauma, cardiology, neurosurgery and neurology as other departments with great need for image sharing capabilities.

ImageInbox solves the common problem of rapidly exchanging images and eliminating CDs once and for all.  We’ve made it easy for our customers, whether Radiologists or sub-specialists, to get the functionality they need, without the unnecessary costs and long-term contracts they don’t.

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