The Patient's Playbook - Author Interview on WNYC

Leslie Michelson works with patients to become smarter, more effective health care consumers. He was recently interviewed on WNYC (listen here) -- the discussion serves as a good primer for patients to start acting on their power as healthcare consumers to find better physicians, make better choices, get better health outcomes, and liver longer and healthier lives.

As Mr. Michelson states in the interview, "the best care in the world doesn't go to the wealthiest people, it goes to the people who are the savviest healthcare consumers."

A few of our favorite tips from the interview --

  • Become or identify your Advocate (7 min 30 sec) -- Don't be passive with respect to your medical care. Either you as the patient or someone close to you needs to assert your needs and your interests with the care team and hospital staff. This advocate needs to know your medical history and communicate the medications, allergies, instructions and orders with each care provider and physician to ensure everything is consistent.
  • Start an enduring Primary Care Physician relationship (9 min) -- It's so important to have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who you trust and who respects your wishes. The PCP should be your quarterback for making care decisions and is essential for ensuring you get the preventative care you need to reduce future health risks. They can also help you catch things early and refer you directly to the appropriate specialist.
  • Collect your entire family medical history and medical records (18 min 30 sec) -- It's really important for experts when figuring out what diseases and risks a patient may have.  Also included in this is to collect your own personal medical records -- and importantly -- collect them digitally so you can be 100% sure you have your most recent, most accurate information.

If you want more tips after listening to the interview on The Leonard Lopate Show, please take a look at Mr. Michelson's latest book - The Patient's Playbook: How to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love.