Radiology's Future According to former ESR President

Dr Lluís Donoso, immediate past President of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), was interviewed last week in Vienna at the 2017 Annual European Congress on Radiology (ECR) regarding radiology's future. We embed the interview below as it provides a nice review of current technologies impacting radiology in the 21st century. According to Dr Donoso, a few of the key technologies are: i) artificial intelligence, ii) liquid biopsy, iii) Molecular imaging, and iv) quantitative biomarker imaging advancements.

Dr. Donoso also had a very interesting message to radiologists about enhancing their clinical role by increasing their exposure to their clinical colleagues. Radiologists have long been behind-the-scenes physicians (i.e., the doctors-doctors), reading exams in darkened basements. But this paradigm isn't viable anymore in an age of increasing connectivity and competitive healthcare delivery, and radiologists must be proactive about boosting their visibility.

Dr. Donoso --
"My recommendation is to open the departments, go into the clinical wards, be active in the multi-disciplinary teams, so at the end, the message is to be more clinical. This is my message, be more clinical, the more close to the value for the patient, the better would be our position. And other specialities and other disciplines in medicine, are not I have to say, that advanced in embracing technology.  At least not like we are. So we have an advantage, its up to us to embrace that advantage."

We strongly agree that radiologists need to increase their visibility in every domain -- with both clinical colleagues and patients. Fortunately, As Dr. Donoso notes, radiologists are best positioned to see and adapt to these future changes because historically they have been on the cutting-edge of their profession in adopting innovative technologies.