Healthcare urgently needs a Copernican Revolution

A recent post on MedCity News authored by two Orthopedic surgeons, Steve Schutzer M.D. and John Grady-Benson M.D., as well as Barry Libert and Megan Beck, makes a strong case that the healthcare system must change towards a customer-centric model. 

Drawing on the story of Nicolaus Copernicus, who in 1543 postulated a model of the universe where the sun, not the earth was at its center -- the author's make the analogy that our healthcare today is in a pre-Copernican model where "all of the planets float around the healthcare system; the patient is just one of them. What we need is a shift…an entirely new frame, and this will shift everything when we do it…we need the patient at the center. We need to put the sun where it belongs."

Numerous examples are provided in the article highlighting how the system's mis-placed focus on itself ends up wasting the time and money of patients. Consequently, the authors suggest that now is the time for healthcare leaders and decision-makers to invert their thinking to adopt digital solutions that put patients at the center. 

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