What is ImageInbox®?

ImageInbox is a free, secure application for iPhone and Android devices. It allows patients to receive and store diagnostic quality medical images – X-Rays, CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc.

ImageInbox can also be used by patients to preview and send medical grade images (DICOM) to healthcare providers.


When would I use ImageInbox?

Patients wanting a portable electronic copy of there medical image records can use ImageInbox to keep and share records with their doctors anywhere via the internet. This replaces the cumbersome process of going to the hospital to get or provide your records on CD-ROM.

Having your medical image records electronically available via your smartphone can be important for:

  • Getting a second opinion based on existing records
  • Avoiding excess radiation and discomfort from unnecessary repeat examinations when prior image records aren’t available in a timely manner
  • Having peace of mind in case you need to access or provide your diagnostic images in an emergency situation


Are my medical images safe and my privacy protected when using ImageInbox?

Yes! ImageInbox is a 100% private exchange between sender and recipient. NexGenic does not access any ImageInbox users medical information.

Much like the security technology (SSL) used for online banking transactions, all personal patient information is encrypted as it is exchanged between users.  Additionally, ImageInbox adds layers of encryption when storing medical image records to prevent any unauthorized mining or access to your private medical information.


How do medical images play a role in treatment decisions?

Many diseases and conditions are primarily diagnosed – and treatment decisions made – based on medical image results from MRI, CT, X-ray or ultrasound. Keeping track of your medical images can help you better coordinate and improve communication with your doctors about your treatment decisions.


I submitted my record release form to my healthcare provider. Why haven’t I received my imaging records yet?

If all fields on your medical record release form were completed accurately, your healthcare provider will return your results within 72 hours.  Once your records have been sent, you will receive an email notifying you of the transfer and that your images are available by logging back into ImageInbox.


I’m requesting my child’s imaging records, do I fill out the information in my name or my child’s name?

The first field in the record release form is ‘Patient Name.’ If you are requesting on behalf of your child please put your child’s name in the ‘Patient Name’ field. As a legal guardian you must enter your name in the appropriate field for ‘Mother’ or ‘Father’ of requestor and then specify your specific information in the 'Record Receiver' section of the release form.


What is my Record Number (MRN)?

This is a unique number at the hospital or clinic where your medical images are located that identifies you at that institution.

If you do not have your MRN available then you will need to request it from the medical records department.


I forgot my username and password. What should I do?

Your username is the personal email you used to sign-up and create your ImageInbox account. If you’ve forgotten which e-mail address that was please look back through your emails for any communication from NexGenic, or call or e-mail NexGenic support at 1-818-483-2023 or support@nexgenic.com.

If you’ve forgotten your password you can change it at anytime by clicking the link for “Reset Password” on the login screen and completing the required security question and answer information you provided when registering for your account.


My healthcare provider isn’t using ImageInbox yet, can I ask them to start so I can get an electronic copy of my records?

Yes -- Under the ‘Contacts’ tab simply click the link to ‘Invite’ your doctor and then enter their contact information.

NexGenic will then send your doctor an email notifying them that you have requested they use ImageInbox to provide you with a copy of your records. Healthcare providers can begin using the app at no cost and with no obligations to continue use after sending you your medical image records.


What organizations have access to my records?

All communication with ImageInbox is 100% private between healthcare providers and patients. NexGenic does not access or store any ImageInbox users medical information. NexGenic takes your privacy extremely seriously and if you have any questions we encourage you to contact us at 1-818-483-2023 or support@nexgenic.com.


How can I be sure my record release form or medical images were transferred to my healthcare provider successfully?

By reviewing the ‘History’ tab you can see all of your transfer activity, including record release request transfers as well as medical image transfers.


Who do I contact with a question that’s not found here in the FAQ’s?

For any questions regarding NexGenic or our ImageInbox app, please call or e-mail NexGenic support at 1-818-483-2023 or support@nexgenic.com.