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The free ImageInbox mobile app's (iPhone© and Android©) allow you to securely archive and control your diagnostic medical images and reports. 

Close the gap between you and your medical image results by communicating directly with your healthcare providers. Quickly transfer, view and manage your medical image results, including CT (CAT) scans, MRIs, X-Rays, ultrasound studies, or any other medical scan. 

By law you are entitled to obtain a digital copy of your medical image records. Use your smartphone and personal cloud storage and never again worry about losing exam CDs. 

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Patient Benefits

Use ImageInbox® to avoid unnecessary repeat imaging exams when prior medical images are not available. Use your images to quickly seek out additional expert medical opinions. 

Improve Care

  • Eliminate missing images at the point-of-care.
  • Take control of your medical image record communication.

Obtain Second Opinion

  • Easily obtain second opinions from medical images.
  • Correct diagnosis from medical images is essential for making the right treatment decisions.

Patient Safety

  • Communicate medical image records to avoid repeat examination.
  • Reduce radiation exposure.

How does it work?

iPhone© and iPad©
App Preview

App Preview

The ImageInbox® app encrypts all information stored and in transit for 100% patient-privacy. A Google© Drive storage account for encrypted personal cloud storage is required to be paired with the patient mobile app's. This configuration is done by users during the initial setup and is necessary to provide ImageInbox® functionality.

Important Note: In order to share medical image results with healthcare providers they must be registered with an ImageInbox® account (Add to 'Contacts'), and it may be necessary to invite them to use the app if they aren't already doing so.

Why use ImageInbox®?

Controlling the diagnostic-quality imaging records you accumulate may be more important than you may first realize.

Keeping image records can eliminate unnecessary radiation from repeat scans and allow you to provide essential medical data when and where needed in the future.