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ImageInbox® medical IT software will streamline your common Radiology and hospital workflows.

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Tele-Radiology Exchange

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Enterprise cd upload

Cloud pacs and web viewing

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Smart, Intuitive Workflows


  • Save money on operations and service-contracts.
  • Streamline image workflows and eliminate image-CDs.
  • Engage patients and referral providers in collaborative diagnostic image exchange.


  • Mobile control of images and related reports provides accurate medical history.

  • Avoid radiation exposure from unnecessary repeat scans.

  • Maintain records for future reference.

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tele-radiology / image exchange

Using our lightweight, secure desktop application, imaging professionals can send and receive images efficiently with outside providers, reviewers and patients.

External users can receive or send images to you with no payment using a web-browser link, or by downloading the mobile app's for Apple iPhone© and Android© mobile devices. 

ImageInbox encrypts images with RC128 bit rotated keys and uses SSL encryption to upload images to the cloud or other server solutions. All patient data transmitted or received thorough ImageInbox complies with the strict privacy and security rules for protecting sensitive patient data as detailed in HIPPA, US Public Law.

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cloud pacs & web-viewing

Proven technologies provide users of our ImageInbox PACS with secure access to analyze and manage digital imaging records. The ImageInbox PACS includes a user-friendly interface and quality control (QC) DICOM web viewer. Radiology tools include reporting, measurement, angles, region of interest, Cobb angle, and Hounsfield unit measurements.

Radiologist with advanced viewing requirements (510k cleared software) must license our advanced DICOM web viewer with enhanced transformation tools, including i) Reporting, ii) Video, iii) ECG.

We provide comprehensive support for PACS and DICOM web viewers remotely through web-tools for access and remote maintenance, updates, service monitoring, and failure prevention. Our failsafe technologies combined with our remote management to upgrade/patch your systems means you have a seamless operational  experience.

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enterprise cd upload

The ImageInbox Express web-page for enterprise users transforms the way healthcare providers in a busy organization manage diagnostic images stored with CD.

With the ImageInbox Express web-link loaded in the web-browser, all users with a disc-drive can import the images on CD, view and share them across the organziation.

Distribute your CD import workflow, streamline efficiencies and shortcut the process for imaging professionals to view, diagnose and archive medical images.