Troubleshooting Q&A

Installation Issue

Issue: Installation not allowed due to lack of permissions
Resolution: Contact local IT support and have them install latest Java version, and also the ImageInbox app (download and open imageinbox.jnlp file).

Issue:  ImageInbox link does not start Java in browser due to missing Java or older Java version
Resolution: Install latest Java version (first consult with local IT support if desktop applications require currently installed Java version).

PACS Connection Issue

Issue: Windows Desktop Firewall blocks incoming network traffic on DICOM port (default port 11112 UDP)
Resolution: Disable windows desktop firewall on computer with ImageInbox and check if DICOM association can be established between PACS and ImageInbox, e.g. use DICOM-ECHO or transfer study via DICOM-CMOVE. If firewall is the issue, open DICOM port (default port 11112 UDP) on windows firewall and restart firewall.

Issue: Network routing from PACS to ImageInbox is blocked.
Resolution: Use network ping and traceroute to check if ImageInbox can be reached from a PACS computer or alternate from a computer on same subnet as PACS. If blockage is identified, work with local IT support to allow DICOM network traffic between end-points.

Application Issue

Issue: User can not login - user name or password wrong.
Resolution: Reset password or contact NexGenic in case password reset does not resolve issue.

Issue: User can not login - network timeout
Resolution: Contact local IT support to trace network route. Possible cause could be firewall blocks traffic to Internet.