Transform your PACS
and Tele-Radiology Workflows


Use NexGenic software solutions (storage, reporting, exchange) and achieve a high-quality, reliable workflow for Tele-Radiology, Tele-Health and Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS).


Hybrid Cloud-PACS
Smart on-premise and cloud DICOM-compliant storage with integrated back-up

Easy Installation & Support
Rapid remote installation, support and maintenance.

Modality Worklist and Procedure Steps
Unify and streamline your operations

Flexible Integration with DICOM Devices
Easily add new/existing imaging modalities and reviewing workstations


Cloud Reporting with Voice Dictation
Web-based reporting to the cloud using voice dictation, study and text templates. Templates are customizable to individual reporting requirements.

Workstation viewing
Windows and Mac based DICOM viewers for fast and efficient local reading

Web viewing
Comprehensive web-viewing options for browser-based review


Outside Provider and Patient Communication
Easily exchange exams (images/reports) with outside doctors and patients - routine or ad hoc sharing using secure communication via PACS or mobile patient app.

CD/USB Web-Upload
Enterprise-wide, web-based upload of exams on CD/USB, with selection and DICOM viewing

Image Tele-Consult
Consultation platform for outside review and 2nd opinion services

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Our Beliefs


Successful health-it partners must STAY aligned and adapt with customer NEEDs

NexGenic works diligently with our healthcare partners to function as a trusted IT advisor to your team. We always start with a free consultation to understand your individual image workflows and propose the best, most efficient, and cost effective IT solution.

Whether your organization is focused on cutting costs, optimizing operations or expanding service-offerings, NexGenic will strive to accomplish the best image storage, review and exchange solutions.



integrated solution for optimal Workflows

NexGenic systems provide fully integrated workflows, from acquisition to storage, reporting and exchange.

Our solutions provide not only technical integration, but also integrating the people around the imaging process such as: Receptionists, technicians, imaging professionals and reviewers, who are all part of our solutions.

With NexGenic systems, replace your fractured image and reporting workflows with a modular, hybrid-cloud approach.


Maximize your imaging-IT budget with our flexible, reliable, and smart software solutions