Solutions Designed and
Developed in California

NexGenic is a pioneering medical imaging IT company developing innovative radiology applications and software services, with a particular focus on mobile health through our novel patient reporting and result communication app.

Our products are designed and developed in California, USA, for customers worldwide to achieve a high-quality workflow for Tele-Radiology, Tele-Health and Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS).

Please schedule a demonstration or contact us to learn more information about how our software solutions can provide you with the image storage, reporting and exchange features you need, at less cost and better quality.


Values for Our Customers


trusted technical advice

NexGenic is working with you as a trusted IT advisor to optimize your individual PACS and tele-consultation workflows. Understanding each customers specific workflow is critical for us to achieve this goal.


integrated solutions

Our solutions integrate storage, reporting and exchange seamlessly into a cohesive platform. We consolidate existing legacy systems and bring them together into one continuum.


continuous operations

The NexGenic hybrid cloud-PACS storage solution provides continuous operation through smart storage strategies and active systems monitoring.

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Stephan Erberich, phd
CEO & Founder

Dr. Erberich leads NexGenic corporate and technology development. He is a recognized expert in computer science, radiology technology and medical informatics, having won numerous honors and awards, including the prestigious IDEA Awards from the Internet2 consortium and New Horizon Award for most innovative technology in the field of medicine.